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For the Unabashed Woman




I hate that the internet tells me to accept myself as I am, to be proud of my body and the story it tells.

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Posted on 22.06.2015 19:00
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Anna K
Anna K 22 June 15 19:19 I think body hate is quite a popular opinion, actually. I don't condone it, and I sure don't thrive myself because of my own body hate, but I don't think it's such a horrible thing. It keeps me humble and prevents me from making a complete ass out of myself. I do not think that all women are beautiful, and telling them that they are is truly disingenuous and downright cruel AND only a marketing tool. I'm fine being perceived as modest and comfortable in hiding what I should hide. And if you think I or this blogger shouldn't hide our bodies, then I invite you to mind your own business and uncover your own imperfect body and enjoy the silent judgments that will definitely be hurled at you. Enjoy! Text hided expand
Lucy 23 June 15 18:16 i spent the longest time hating my body, especially after being made fun of for it by ex-boyfriends...but in the end, the body is just a shell that we have to live in in this life...why get down over things that are genetic or things you cant change? focus on your talents and positive traits (like writing) and maybe someone will find you sexy for those things. Text hided expand
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