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Eric Wilson is InStyle’s Fashion News Director. Sit front row at Fashion Week with him by following him on Twitter (@EricWilsonSays) and Instagram.

By Friday morning, after Fashion Week has ended and the models have been packed off to London, New York City is bound to wake up with such a fashion hangover that it may never be possible to look at clothes the same way again.

What happened last night? Did I really see Ralph Lauren, conjured as a Harry Potter-style animal spirit, my preppy patronus, in the parlance of J.K. Rowling, hovering above the lake of Central Park’s Cherry Hill (pictured, above)? Am I drinking too much?

Yes. At least, yes, I did see a vision of the designer and his new Polo women’s collection, projected against a backdrop of misting fountains that rose from the lake like a fabulous spaceship, exploding into a 4D video that showed models in melon-colored knits and evening dresses traipsing through an ever-changing backdrop of cityscapes and the Brooklyn Bridge. The designer had invited many real-life models to this new form of fashion spectacular, as well, all of them dressed in bright polo shirts with their names in block letters printed across their backs. It was a revolutionary moment in the designer’s words, hallucinatory in mine.

But this was just a nightcap in what turned out to be a runway bender of sorts, starting with Carolina Herrera’s madcap display of crystals and digitalized floral prints in a minimalist forest setting on Monday morning, followed by Tommy Hilfiger’s tribute to rock style (pictured, below left), reinterpreting the fashions of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix to lively effect, with suede boots and regiment-striped suiting that, taken out of the “All Along the Watchtower” context, looked surprisingly fresh. I would even recommend his new leather bellbottoms.

What else do I remember? Zac Posen had one of the best shows of his career, a tour de force of tailoring and structure in a spare palette of black, white, and red (pictured, above right). Phillip Lim’s clever take on home furnishings in his utilitarian sportswear, with weaves like wicker, made a clean and clear statement. Donna Karan was inspired by street art – everything from random graffiti to Indian, African and Haitian art made its way into her embroidered and paint-splattered patterns. And Rag & Bone, after plying me with bourbon-flavored ice cream, showed what may have been the world’s largest sweatshirt, a trapeze dress in fleece with the arms cut off, and bags that were strapped tightly to the models’ chests so you’d never risk losing them (pictured, below).

Stay on top of all the news from Fashion Month here.

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Posted on 30.12.2016 19:30
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