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The Slow but Sure Road to Erasing Racial Bias in the Tech World


Celebrity Makeup Artist Mai Quynh Shares Her 5 Parisian Drugstore Must-Haves

Is it just us, or is everything more chic in Paris? No shade to the Duane Reade and Walgreens outposts we rely on stateside, but even the drugstores in Paris have that certain “je ne sais quoi,” and the beauty loot celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh scores every time she travels abroad only drives that point home.

This season for Paris Fashion Week, the pro visited the City of Lights with her clients Chloe Moretz and Jessica Chastain, intent to stock up on her Parisian drugstore staples in between hitting up all of the glamorous parties and events. She gave an exclusive sneak peek at the products she always brings home, and why she loves each one so much—keep reading to find out about Quynh’s top 5 Parisian drugstore must-haves, and where you can pick them up for yourself!

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“I use this light scented cleansing oil to take off makeup. I like massaging it into the skin and then tissuing it off for a little extra moisture.”

Payot Elixir Body Oil, $44;

“These plant extract eye masks are perfect to use after a night out. They leave the under eye area smooth and refreshed.”

Placentor Vegetal Pads, $22;

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“I love this body lotion! It is very moisturizing to the skin and leaves a silky, healthy glow.”

Topicrem Ultra-Hydratant Creme Visage Riche, $13;

“I love this soothing lip balm. It’s hydrating without being too, sticky and it lasts so I don’t have to reapply it as often. Perfect for very dry lips.”

Uriage Xemose Stick Levres, $12;

“This super-gentle scrub is perfect for someone that has sensitive skin, but needs to mildly exfoliate. It has very tiny beads that won’t irritate the skin.”

GamArde Gommage Douceur Soft Scrub for Sensitive and Reactive Skin, $21;

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Posted on 20.12.2016 01:00
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